Sacrificing the Identity: Choosing Winning over NSD

In life, we make decisions. In making decisions, we sacrifice. We sacrifice opportunities, anticipating that better opportunities are ahead. We let go of what could be good, believing that another is better. But in most case, decisions made are not always wise. In return, we realize that we let go of the better, and what we opted to was only good. Or worse, the worse. Or worst, the worst. It happens.

We sacrifice leaving our own land for better living. Kasi kung dito tayo, pagod ka na, mababa pa ang kita. Most sacrifice same sex relationships for to get rid of the society. Pagod ka na matahin ng tao. Sawang-sawa ka na sa diskriminasyon. You sacrifice ending a relationship with someone which you thought was forever at the beginning. Pagod ka na kasi. Wala nang tamang nangyayari. We sacrifice a fading identity for a better identity. Pagod ka na kasi. Pagod ka na kasi yung identity mo, hindi na ata applicable. Walong taon. Ayaw mo na ng puro bansag na lang. Gusto mo naman manalo.

It’s official. PBA’s winningest coach Tim Cone will be the superior of the sidelines for Ginebra.


(credits to the owner)

“Desperado!” “Mang-aagaw!” “Kunin nyo nang lahat! Kangkong!” “Sa inyo masisira ang career ni coach Tim!”

We, fans, never wished for it. My wildest dream was to be the father of that baby being carried by Marian instead of Dingdong, but never coach Tim Cone coaching Ginebra. My imagination never had a room for that, even after San Mig Coffee danced a rare Grand Slam feat. Never. With Ginebra’s line-up and coach Tim calling the shots, for me, that was too good to be true. But it happened, it is happening. Clear enough, and I speak in behalf of my co-“die hards” in the Barangay, IT WAS GIVEN TO US. WE NEVER DEMANDED FOR IT.

I had mixed feelings when the rumor came out, more so when it was confirmed. Tim Cone yun e! Tanga ko na kung magrereklamo pa ko. Kaso…Kaya lang…

Maybe this was a desperate move. Maybe this was brought about by pressure. Maybe this was the last ace. This may be the last button to push. It was hard to accept at first, but even if it takes away NSD for the sake of winning, I am on it.



(credits to the owner)

With the talent they have mixed with a genius coach in Cone, we have to admit that the NSD mantra does not apply. It has to be sacrificed. Eight years is damn like forever. High-school pa ko nung last Championship. Nagbabayad na ako ng sariling Income Tax ngayon.

In that span of Championship drought, we have all the reasons to pack up and take our cheers to another team. But we never did, at least most of us. This has to be a reward for us. We deserve this. This team had its worst in the last 8 years, but we NEVER SAID DIE. WE NEVER DID.


(credits to the owner)

For now, reality says we have to bid farewell to our NSD identity. But come on, guys. Bansag lang ang mawawala. We sacrificed meals, sleeps and even broke relationships kapag natatalo ang Ginebra. It is now starting to pay off. Saya, di ba? Mababaw lang naman tayo e.

People may not label us NSD anymore. But look at the brighter side. Now is the time to win. Now is the best chance to claim what is OVER DUE.

We will be counting trophies under coach Tim’s helm. The team may never revert back to being underdogs again. They may not claim the identity back again.

If such is the case, it won’t matter still. The NSD identity leaves for now, but the NSD spirit lives on.


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