The Chant, The Light, The Crown: Ginebra and the end of the drought

It was dramatic. It was magical. Surreal. It was historical.

Huge defensive stop. Clock at five ticks. Ginebra sued for time.

I heaved a sigh of relief. A bit. At least for that time, it’s just either five more minutes of extended basketball, or a championship basket.

I was surrounded by ecstatic people; they were excited. But I remained seated- silent and anxious, saying a prayer.

As I opened my eyes, I saw stars fill the arena.

ginlight(photo from BGSM FB Page)

Up on their feet, the Ginebra faithful carried their phones and lifted it up with much brightness. There was a message. And it was clear.

As Justin Brownlee received the ball, I joined the flock in cheers.


He squared up, then took the shot. I knew it was going in.

Yes, I knew it was going in. I knew of the basket even before it was released and followed through, even if it was decently contested by Allen Durham.

I had the answer before Sol Mercado stepped into the sidelines to inbound. I had the answer even in possibilities of a turnover of any sort being committed: be it a five second violation, a trap, an interception, an offensive foul, and what not. I had the answer.

The stars it was. It was crowd made, a virtual one. It was mysterious in form, but it was explicit in substance.

It was the answer. The chants made it louder. The lights made it clearer. It was about unity. It was about hope. It was a destiny.

It was about saying, THE TIME HAS COME.

BANG! And the time expired.

(video clip from Sports5)

From strangers entering the SRO section battling each other for a position of a better view, turning into brothers sharing hugs while saying “Kabs, sa wakas. Champion na ulit tayo.”

From the ticket purchase disputes along the long lines outside Araneta, turning into hi-fives to any hand seen raised.

Indeed, it was the revelation of the lights scattered in magnificence. And the basket at the buzzer was just the start of the celebration.

I grabbed my brother beside me as we both fell into tears. I had flashbacks of all the heart breaks of losses in the past before realizing that it was all worth it.

The chants. The virtual stars. The game winning basket. The crown. The bounty of the eight year persistence is finally ours.

And this is all because, we #NSD.


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