“The Land” lands another sniper: Kyle Korver heads to Cleveland

You have Kyrie Irving who can shoot anywhere, in his will. You also have JR Smith who patiently waits on his spots to launch a trifecta.

Kevin Love is there as well, stretching the floor more and more and can also hurt you from deep. Channing Frye is a proven shooter. Lebron extended his range this season.

Needless to say, this Cavaliers team, apart from their talent and all, has now built a vastly improved outside shooting in their arsenal.

And now, apparently in early preparations for a third straight showdown with the Warriors in the Finals, the defending Champs landed another sniper in their troop.

Kyle Korver. An NBA veteran whose name has conspired with the word ”shooter” to form a compound noun. The former Atlanta Hawk will now be doning the maroon and gold.

Image result for kyle korver

The acquisition costed them Mike Dunleavy, veteran Mo Williams and a 2019 draft pick.

“We are extremely pleased to be able to add a player and person the caliber of Kyle Korver to our Cavs family,” Cavs general manager David Griffin said in a statement. “Among the most prolific and dynamic 3-point shooters in NBA history, a selfless and team-first competitor, Kyle brings all of the elements of Cavs DNA that we covet on and off the floor.

Not only did Korver add to the Cavs shooting viciousness, he also makes Lebron’s job of making offensive decisions on the floor easier by simply luring defenders to commit on him and provide more space for lane operations. By such, the Cavs has now really become more versatile.

“It adds another dynamic piece to our team,” Lebron said. “Hell of a sharpshooter and just a great guy. Great professional, as you’ve seen over his career — a guy that’s played at a high level for a long time, has championship aspirations. And he has another rocket launcher.”

(Interview pieces from espn.com)



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