Pinoy Hoops #NBAVote

It all started when Golden State Warriors starting center Zaza Pachulia took the web by storm after being at the top two spot of the West frontcourt in the first release of the unofficial 2017 NBA All-Star game voting results, despite carrying averages a rather mediocre cager could provide.

While many say it was carried significantly by the ”bandwagon” fans of the Warriors, the factual reason why Pachulia got the position he is therein is because of his fellow countrymen in Georgia voting tireless each and every day.

After all, the big guy was in an almost the same situation last year where he almost got the starting center spot in the Toronto ASG when he played for Dallas.

Immediately. Instantaneously. Right away. The country they label as the social media capital of the world seemed to be provoked.

“Hindi kami padadaig.”

“Hindi, e. “Di tayo papayag.”

“Ganyan pala ang labanan, e. Edi ilaban natin yung bata natin. Panis sa’tin yan.”

“Pota! Iboto natin si Clarkson! Pinoy dapat ang na’dyan!”

And it all began.

Filipino sports pages- from parody accounts, memes, and official ones- connived for a single purpose and for a single clamor: the Philippines still has the best basketball fanbase in the world.

Image result for jordan clarkson gilas

Jordan Clarkson. The representation. Who cares about him not having an all-staresque kind of season?


“Pake mo, bes?”

He must be there. A Filipino must be there. All in chorus.


The competitive juices are bursting like water from a broken faucet, overflowing from an unclogged sink.

It’s not about competing against the likes of Lebron James or Stephen Curry. It’s about validating the Pinoys’ claim of being the most berserk basketball nation there is.

Holding a grudge against Pachulia or Georgia is out of the picture. Filipinos just want their hoops voices to be heard- in any resource available, in any way possible.

The comments sections in facebook, or twitter, the NBA App, Google or in These are the resources available. Typing, mobbing, and congesting every area of it- everyday- by #NBAVote Jordan Clarkson is the way possible.

At the moment, Clarkson has not even reached the top 10 of the backcourt voting in the West. They say many votes did not count, and what not. But it would hardly matter, really.

The mere fact that they are here, supporting a fellow Filipino to participate in a stage he falls short of belonging to statistically, in all ways legal and acceptable, is sufficient to validate their position as basketball loving county.

Still in doubt? Let’s just see how a typical Georgian baller fare on a sun burned slippers-less raised kid from Tondo on a pick up one-on-one.

Just kidding.

Pinoy hoops. #NBAVote


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