No Start: Thomas, Westbrook snubbed from ASG starters

MANILA- The results of this year’s NBA All-Star Game starters were released Friday(Manila time), and as always, not everybody gave a thumbs up about the turnout.

There is no bigger story since the list came out than the so-called ”snubs” in the elite five of each squad competing with the best of the best.

Isiah Thomas, a 5’9 guard who defied the limits the heavens gave him to become one of the most prolific guards the NBA has right now. Despite owning every fourth quarter he’s played at, and averaging close to two points shy of  30 markers a game, the former 40th overall pick turned lethal star is turned down to start for East, instead giving the place Toronto Raptors’ scoring monster Demar Derozan.

Into the other side, and in what most believe was the biggest and most controversial snub in the NBA All-Star starting five history, Russell Westbrook fails to land to one of the spots as well.

Image result for russell westbrook

Let’s set the records straight. The guy is averaging a triple-double so far in the season, yet the feat is not sufficient enough to get the clamor of fans to put him on the starting spot. Instead, his MVP-race rival James Harden and two-time MVP Stephen Curry were given the nod.

In fairness to the NBA, they were able to address some issues of ”undeserving” players almost landing to the top-five spots because of purely fan voting. They come up with a 50-25-25 distribution: that is 50% fan voting, 25% says from the player and the rest from the media.

Too bad for Thomas and Westbrook, they landed on a tie with Derozan and Curry respectively, putting them in a position where the fans’ say will prevail.

In the end, they will just have to settle in leading the reserves. They have to be. Otherwise, it will be a total shame.


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