How does Devin Booker’s 70 fare with Kobe Bryant’s 81?

So Kobe Bryant’s name was once again brought up into the assemblage of the social media universe, most specifically his historic 81-point scoring riot years back.

Upon checking the outburst of the trending topics, it was Phoenix Suns sophomore guard Devin Booker who bore the brunt of blame for once again bringing in the ”no-one-will-surpass-Kobe’s-81point-feat-ever-again” debate.

Image result for kobe bryant devin booker

Because the kid almost did. Just 11 points shy. Close enough. And enough for the Kobe die-hards to heave their own airs of relief.

Eleven points away. That’s at least four field goals more to score. In hindsight, 81 is still way more impressive than 70. You can argue, of course.

But as I said, the KID still almost did; he may come up short, but Kobe and his fans sure are aware that this trailing 20-year old with still a lot of basketball years to come has a stellar future ahead.

After all, Booker flags his performance as inspired by Bryant himself.

“I’ve seen an interview with Kobe where he said, what separated him from a lot of people was everyone thought 30 points was a lot. He said, he never set himself a limit. And you know, that always sticks in my head. He said he’d score 100 if he could, so he never had a limit. I don’t put a limit on anything. I want to be the best in life in all parts of life, not just basketball. So I never set my limit to, ‘I want 40 points.’ I know I had 39 a few times. I want 40 points, I want 50 points. The most I can get. I don’t want no limit on my game,” Booker bared.

81 for a superstar at the peak of his prime, 70 for a sophomore just about to start the engine of his own stardom. Who knows, perhaps this sudden ”taking the internet by storm” marks the start of such virtual engine and his superstar vehicle is just about ready to go.

We are all good for a ride, aren’t we?


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