The Mysteriously Unstoppable Playoff Gear of Lebron James

If you play for an NBA team bound for the first round of the Playoffs, better be wary of facing a team with Lebron James at the helm.

For the past five years, the four-time MVP has led his teams to series sweeps in their respective first round encounters in the Playoffs.


Image result for lebron jamesFrom being the face of the Miami Heat to bringing Cleveland its first championship, James has been a thorn to his rivals and they could just succumb to his exploits – especially during every onset of the post-season clash where he simply transforms to a different kind of beast only he knows why. And this year’s is anything but an exemption.

James steered the Cavs to another first round sweep, the Indiana Pacers being the latest victims to advance to the second round of the Playoffs.

Now a three-time NBA Champion, James shifting to an exceptional gear is not surprising any longer to the league and the fans. The Cavs were a little bit shaken up at the homestretch of the regular season, but you can sense that James is not bothered at all despite surrendering the top-seed in the East.

At the end of the day, being the great that he is, the ”King” is not after the ”wins” anymore, rather he is after the championships that define the gauge of how great a player is.

Five straight years without losing a game in the first round. Sweeping every novice there is who has tried to at least have a slight swipe of dethroning him of his throne. It exactly shows how far James has gone in terms of his experience and growth as a basketball player. You can’t simply mess up with him. Every thought of pulling the rug under him is for sure not the most confident thinking an opponent could possibly have. Just like running with him in transition, as if seeing a freight train and stopping him requires you to think multiple times.


Disclaimer: Photo not my own, CTTO.


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