Fair Enough? Warriors tagged as runaway victors based on odds ahead of WCF clash against Spurs

Going into the season, the Golden State Warriors instantly became spot on favorites when Kevin Durant decided to shift to the Bay Area.

Fast forward to the crucial stages of the post-season, the Dubs are just where they are supposed to be: into the Western Conference Finals after sweeping the first two rounds of the Playoffs. That is not shocking at all, despite not having Steve Kerr on the sidelines. The names on their roster list prove enough to roll past every aspiring yet lowly squad in their conference bracket.

Image result for warriors vs spurs

(Photo courtesy of NBA.com)

On the other side, as MVP contender James Harden lost his head and had his worst game in a crucial do-or-die match for the Rockets, the San Antonio Spurs got the ticket toadvance to the WCF to face the Warriors. The silent favorites. Nobody was surprised as well. Heck, it would have been more surprising if they had not been winning. They are playoff/championship contenders for over a decade now.

So there it is. Two teams expected to reach the stage that it is right now are bracing for a war. Or maybe not, as the betting world would suggest.

Odds have the Warriors as huge gap favorites over the Spurs. Yeah, right. When you have two of the latest MVP’s of the league in your team, plus another streaky shooter and a sharp-witted defensive linchpin, one could just forget the greatness of a Greg Popovich or how Kawhi Leonard can impact the game.

Overwhelming. Utter disrespect? You can’t blame these bookmakers. Then again, the formation of these super team is really about dominating the league in its entirety, however a legend the opposite’s head coach is, or how unstoppable its main guy could go.

This series will not disappoint. We’ve all waited for this. And now, apart from the other subplots the collision has, we are now excited to see if the Spurs can really pull off an ”upset” or will the  Warriors cruise anew and make these odds makers geniuses.


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